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Ooster's Night Song

A captivating children story about a rooster called Ooster, who learns important lessons about self and ones role in a community.

The book, Ooster’s Night Song, is a captivating children’s story about a rooster called Ooster, who learns important lessons about self and community roles. Andre Adman,author of the book, is seeking funds to self-publish the children’s book.

Set in Browns Town, St. Ann, in the beautiful country of Jamaica, the book is about a talented rooster by the name of Ooster who has one of the most important jobs in his entire town.

The 32 page, full-colour, hardcover book features original text and vibrant illustrations on every page. 

The story starts off with …. “It's another beautiful day in Browns Town and Ooster gets up before anyone else is around.” Ooster, doing a fabulous job, forgets his place for a moment and decides to take over his friend’s job as well! What a bangarang!!! It’s safe to say that in the end they are still friends and Ooster will continue to do his very important job.

The manuscript for Ooster the Rooster was written a few years ago and the story went through several iterations over the years with my focus group (my wife and two children then!) gave me their feedback.

My focus group has grown a bit with the addition of another child, (so now it's my wife and 3 children!) I must say that through the exploration of numerous stories written for children during my nights of bedtime stories, I have felt a strong sense that the time has come to share this story with children everywhere. 

Finally, I am truly happy for this local crowdfunding platform, as it provides the opportunity to bring an otherwise "lost work in progress" to life. :)

How will the funds be used?

The campaign will fund:

1.     Book layout, editing and additional design. The illustrations are all complete.

2.     Printing to meet bulk minimum

3.     Recording and producing of the audio clips for the eBook

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Sajaun Adman

$16 USD

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Andre Adman
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E-book with audio in the following formats : EPUB, MOBI or PDF. Bonus - mp3 ringtone - Ooster's morning song - You will love it! Erh-erh-erh-erh-erh

Pledge $15.00 or more

One first edition book - hardcover, full color, 32 pages. Free delivery in Jamaica. (See shipping rates for other areas)

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One autographed first edition book - hardcover, full color, 32 pages. Free delivery in Jamaica. (See shipping costs for other areas)

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DOUBLE UP! -One copy autographed for you and one for a friend. Two first edition copies - hardcover, full color, 32 pages (See shipping details)

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SPREAD THE LOVE! One copy for you and 4 copies for those you love - (See shipping details)

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US100 The Ultimate Fan ! You will receive rewards two and three, one Ooster colouring book, a large Ooster Poster and a size 5-6 Ooster T-shirt.

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Build a community of Readers - Give to a school library or community centre of your choice. 20 copies (See shipping details)

Pledge $400.00 or more

20 full color autographed copies, 20 colouring books, 20 posters and an authors reading and singalong at a school, home or birthday party in the Jam.

Pledge $1000.00 or more

20 autographed copies, 20 colouring books, 20 posters, author's reading and singalong in the Caribbean, U.S.A or Canada or U.K. (Travel expenses not