ISupport - Special Care for the Golden Years

Special Care for the Golden Years

Special Care for St. Monica's Home for the Abandoned Elderly

St. Monica’s Home for the Abandoned Elderly caters to 30 residents who are unable to take care of themselves and have no means of support. Residents at the home are given three meals per day and all medical and final expenses are taken care of by St. Patricks Foundation.

How will the funds be used?

It costs approximately $4,000 USD per month to adequately care for all thirty residents. The downturn in donations has made it increasingly difficult to cover the cost of meals and miscellaneous for the senior citizens in our care.

Your support is needed to ensure that these seniors are given the best care as possible as they enjoy their final years.  

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Anonymous Donor (s)

$10 USD

Anthony Lee Hing

$50 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$300 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$500 USD

Hermine Metcalfe

$50 USD

Chakriya Metcalfe

$200 USD

Lee Metcalfe

$200 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$20 USD

Mary R

$100 USD

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