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St. Thomas - Golden Grove Primary and Infant

A Stronger Nation Begins With A Pledge

The Golden Grove Primary and Infant School are situated in the community of Golden Grove, but in a quiet location away from the noise on the street.  Golden Grove is a small rural town.  It is to be found in the parish of St. Thomas, which is in the Eastern part of the beautiful island of Jamaica.  Golden Grove Primary and Infant School are twenty-four kilometres from Morant Bay, the parish capital.  Its strategic position allows it to serve many neighbouring communities. 

The school was established in 1886 and the original building is still in use. It is classified as a government-leased school since it is affiliated with the Anglican Church.  This means that The Board Chairman is a representative of the Anglican Church.  The school draws its population from the immediate and wider community.  These include Golden Grove, Stokes Hall, Wheelerfield, Duckenfield, Dalvey, Barking Lodge, Johnson Mountain, Arcadia, Amity Hall, Long Road, Hector’s River and Manchioneal.  This is so because the school has developed a reputation for excellence in academics. Much of this success is directly linked to the high level of cooperation that exists between the administrative and teaching staff. 

The school has twenty-one (21) members of staff (including a Guidance Counsellor).  Golden Grove Primary and Infant school also have a Clerical Assistant, a part-time janitor, three (3) permanent watchmen and three (3) relief watchmen.  There are four hundred and fifty (450) and the ages range from three years and eight months to twelve years old. Most of the children are from a low socio-economic background.  Average attendance on a daily basis is approximately 85%.

The school is divided into sixteen classes. Structures have been created over the years to accommodate the increasing numbers of students.  Container type structures are erected through kind donation of faithful and very supportive members of the business community.  The buildings erected, house approximately five classes, a guidance counsellor’s office and a mini sickbay.  Some classes have individual rooms while others are dormitory type where classes are separated by the chalkboard. The classrooms are always buzzing with activity, very attractive, well organized and student friendly.

How will the funds be used?

The Pledge2Build campaign was developed to raise funds for capital improvement of early childhood and primary institutions across Jamaica. This is to ensure that the schools are safe and provide children with a conducive learning environment.

The funds raised will be used to carry out the following scope of works at the school: 

·         Construction of Classroom Block for Grades 1 and 2

·         Refurbishing of Principals Office and retrofitting

·         Repair Joining of two main buildings to prevent leaking

·         Renovation of Infant Building and installation of partitions

·         Refurbish playground and installation of play equipment 

·         Complete perimeter fencing

·         Pave front yard

·         Repairs of electrical problems

·         Repair drinking trough

·         Repair both male and female bathrooms

·         Upgrade of entrance

·         Treat termite

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Hermie Speckles

$2,000 USD

Dan Wiliiamson

$19 USD

Norma Telfe

$15 USD

Howard Collash

$20 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$18 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$10 USD

Karlene Deslandes

$10 USD

Marilyn Folkes

$10 USD

Marilyn Folkes

$10 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$10 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$1 USD

Branch Network Donor (s)

$10 USD

Anonymous Donor (s)

$8 USD

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