Project Playbook

How to craft a winning campaign story

A critical component of launching your crowdfunding campaign, is your campaign story. If you’re able to tell a compelling story that connects with your audience, you’ll increase the chances of your campaign being fully funded. The campaign story is your time to shine and make a great impression on potential donors. The truth is most donations will come from people who don’t know you, so your campaign page is a golden opportunity to pitch your idea to the world. Here are a few things your campaign story is incomplete without:

An Introduction

Who are you? What do you do for a living? Why are you passionate about the cause/project you’re launching? Your potential donors are eager to get to know you and project. Make your first impression count! Introducing the faces behind the project will help to make your story more personal and relatable. 

Details about your cause/project

How did this project come about? What sparked the idea! What would it mean to you to have your project 100% funded? What would this mean for the community or the world at large? Get your donors as excited about your project as you are! Provide them with as much details as possible, like timelines for execution and your budget. Being transparent with your budget can work in your favor as donors will be more likely to give their money to a project that shows exactly how their money will be spent. 

A Project Rationale

You wouldn’t embark on a journey such as this if you weren’t passionate about making this plan a reality, but why? Why does this cause/project matter to you? As well as, why should anyone care about your project? Don’t be afraid to open up in your campaign story, as this will help your readers and potential donors to feel connected to you and your cause. People want to know they are part of a project that will contribute to the greater good of society, show them how your project is the perfect opportunity to do just that.   

 With a captivating campaign story, you’re already halfway to a successful campaign. Be sure to do as much research as possible when preparing for your campaign and learn from successful campaigns you come across. All the best to our potential project owners!

The Benefits of Crowdfunding

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is defined by the World Bank as “raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically online to fund a project or venture.” Platforms like facilitate these contributions by acting as a connection between those seeking support and persons willing to make donations.


The Benefits of Crowdfunding


Ideal for non-profit and for-profit projects

Crowdfunding can provide support to a wide variety of project types that may seek to either support new or existing business venture or support worthy causes. Current crowdfunding models benefit both non-profit and for-profit initiatives through peer-to-peer lending, donation-based giving, as well as equity funding.

Raise funds you need to bring your idea to life

Every idea requires resources to become a reality. For entrepreneurs, this usually meant sourcing funding through a loan or direct investment. Now through crowdfunding, there is an additional funding option that is often free. Charitable causes also receive a major boost from crowdfunding by providing an easily accessible option for donors.

Build Awareness of your Project and Brand

By attracting persons to your campaign, you’re also introducing them to your brand. During the period of your crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be promoting your brand to thousands of eyes across the world. The internet makes it easier to reach large audiences and allows great ideas to spread like wildfire. Rallying thousands of organic users who share your product or service isn’t easy with traditional marketing. Thankfully, crowdfunding doesn’t have a commercial image, so persons are much more inclined to help you out. If enough people start sharing your campaign, it might even go viral which means more backers and more chances of attracting media attention.


Global Support

Unlike traditional fundraising, crowdfunding breaks all geographical barriers. Hosting your project on a crowdfunding platform allows people from all around the world to engage with your initiative and make a donation. This is beneficial because one doesn’t have to see or meet with the investors or donors for them to be able to chip in.

New Partnerships & Relationships

Create a buzz around your crowdfunding campaign, and you’ll not only attract backers but potential partners as well. Although it might not be the primary focus of your campaign, don’t underestimate the power of a professional network. Optimize your crowdfunding campaign to attract new partners by ensuring your campaign story is interesting as well as engaging and includes testimonials from people you’ve already worked with or work you’ve done leading up to the launch of your campaign.